She planned it all along grasping every scheme
Maggie, with her hands on my every sense and dream.
I'm waiting at L.A. Union Station for Metro
Like a bus will take me to the planning row -
All of this squawking about roads and ugly cities
Millions of hands grabbing for love and it's me she fancies
I will take my worries home but she's waiting
To love me, to love me!  As if our wit is debating
The extent of our fate - we hold hands and wait
For these moments - many tensions give way to checkmate
And to the millions of flowers - I say, it's well within reason...

Our first date was like a long-lost "whatever happened to you?"
And then it became known with a shrug and let's see
What these moments do to us growing sad and blue.
I will carry all of these flowers for maybe a century
If that's what it will take to come close to calculus - 
That measure of heartbeats piled upon heartbeats.
One day I will take each and every flower away to focus
On her perfect smile and giggling chatter that greets
Me like the anger I feel that I spent 33 years away
From her, from the love of my life, the answer to "why" today
And to the million of flowers - I say, it's well within reason.
11/21/2013 07:10:15 am

All I know today is that my soul aches and aches when I'm away from my love. I want to be housed by her beauty and peek up for direction. She grabs my every sense and captivates me. I'm prisoner to her worldly, impossible treasures. She makes me feel like a person who wants to live forever so I can tell the whole world that love will transport you. Love is worth the ticket of admission to life. We all have a ticket and no one knows why we were chosen to do this stuff everyday. One day, she appeared in my life and her voice made me still. It arrested me. It paralyzed me. She spoke about my life and future and I had no idea it was so. I thought it would be nice. And today it is so real. We are together and we want to stay that way. I'm lucky to see the love of my life every night. I'm lucky to make decisions with her. She brought me to understand what life can be all about. She is the most wonderful girl and I'm forever transfixed in place trying to understand how I can be. We are a growing compulsion, a love first born.

10/29/2020 10:57:35 pm

My love for this beautiful treasure is unmeasured. Our battles have been fiercer but our bond has not wavered. I love this woman that makes my life so meaningful every step. A coward is afraid to love, they use and they drop people like a person is a potato. But love is what pleases God. And the day I met this angel I became a better, stronger more confident man with joy and laughter everywhere.


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