The following is a poem I wrote in 2006.  I believe it was about myself and some of the people I've met who do not live at a rushed pace.  I forgot I even wrote it.  I've lost most of my earlier writing.  Alas, I hope you like it.

A Person Walking Slowly

A hobbled hopscotch over crossword steps
And puzzles are left blank-
Distracted models, motors-
His is picking up a slack pace
Around soft earth and scoffed touch
Clutching those thin handles doubled up
Like dumbbells weighing his steps downward
Dressing up darkness with pressed smiles
Quickly he peaks, speaks in hushed tones: gentle man
"Stare not too enviously at this calloused castle world"
This guarded thing that trounces
That cheapens precious thoughts, meaning...
That leaps out at your dear eyes, wheezing...
Don't hold your breath its not you whom it smothers
You are just a person
Walking slowly, pausing 
Watching the shadows thin and stretch
The length of never-
Being there means being everywhere
Your every all in a slight pinch of
Todays look like yesterdays.
To us all it does, in some way or another,
This man has senseless care
Slowly walking through the thicket path.

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