This poem was written today and will be included in my collection of poems entitled "Lincoln's Place Mat".    This is in dedication to Paul Walker who died this past weekend.  I was never a fan but his story from what I gather is pretty compelling.  I was interested in the irony of his death speeding away from a charity event.

I'm working on three personal projects right now: Operation Noon (Planning Phase for Homeless Shelter with ancillary for-profits and non-profits, mixed-use, walkable urban design), The Disciplined City (an Urban Planning text book outlining my ideas on urban design, planning and construction), and Lincoln's Place Mat (a collection of poems).  I'm pretty much thinking of everything because I want to make this world beautiful again.  

Box Office

Everyone goes to the movies
Fast and furiously
To sit down and imbibe
All the good crashes
For you to see.
Paul Walker dead at 40.
And so he rides on
Until a tiny speck becomes
A spinning wheel
For a hand-out or a meal.
Will we be a box-office
Smash to tree?
Life is so quick: reality.

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