The Lonely Leaf

The last tear drop
Puddle like pool
Of snow, of snow
The magic of one
Makes new with 
Another blossoming
She makes me whole
Counting trees with
Hands on everything
Hands on anything
Hands on watch hands
Caressing time
So we can be back
Arm in arm
Quietly drifting asleep
She's my everything
Picking me up off
The ground like
A sole, lonely leaf.
I love my bird
She sings personal
Lullabies at night
She rocks me to sleep
With her hypnotic
Glance, knock-out
She makes me bow
With little dances
I love her as she
Boots her way through.
Just another day that I miss
Her, all day.  I'm her
Lonely leaf scattered by wind.

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    Writer and thinker, Urban Planner and Anthropologist.  Lover of sports, movies, and music.  Had to get lost a couple of times to find my way but I am home every step I take.    

    What are sketches?
    These are sketches, portraits, graceful words about the grace all around us.  I want to show you this world through my eyes.  These are all working pieces because I am a work in progress or constantly working.  These aren't meant to be perfect.  Sometimes I write out every emotion I have even if they mess with my readers.  I am who I am.  These are the thoughts that keep me up at night.

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