Tribal Healer

One day they took you away
Far from the rest of us
Running in place
Running for death
Running for life
One day you left our world.

       Today Mandela is dead.
Where will we go today?
Can we lose our soul?
Buried in prison for 27 years
For voicing a world
That was not separate.
Oh, where do all the forgotten
Children run, run, run?
One day, we lost our giant
And we're left to piece
Together shards of glass
For the violent buildings
Crashing to the ground
Years of prison system impulse
Throw 'em to silence.
Mandela spoke and 
Piled on plate healing words.
One day, the wicked
Will pay! Will pay!
We've lost our voice, today.
We've lost our reason
We've lost the past
We've lost our future
Our children, our faith
We've lost count
We've lost all!
Nelson Mandela has left us today.

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